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The Open Door

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so looking forward to a wonderful year in 2022! :D

We said that in 2021 also...and I'm not so sure that 2021 was any how can I say that? Well...because whatever the Lord brings our way this year, it is EXACTLY what we need and perfectly aligns with His plan! I'm excited!

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been somewhat MIA these last few months of 2021. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main thing is...I've been a little overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and just plain "surviving". Anyone else feeling the same way? I'm sure many of you, if not ALL of you!

Why is that?

One reason is because that's how the devil works! He wants us to be exhausted and simply surviving through each day, so that we are not effective in the Kingdom! Of course, it's not only that. We all deal with real situations, heartaches, hurts, pain...we all deal with life. And I believe a lot of us have dealt with death these past couple years. Physical death, spiritual death (within churches), and even death of a ministry. There seems to be so much sadness going on in these End Times, and if we don't keep our focus, depression will set in and destroy us.

Let me share with you a miracle that happened to me this week...

I have been raised in church (since I was 4), and I have been helping my parents in ministry since I was a young girl. I have also been in Children's Ministry myself, for the last 27 years. During ALL these many years...don't try to guess my age! :-P ... I have only had 1 time for sure that I remember a prophetic Word coming forth to encourage me. ONLY 1 TIME! I have watched many people receive Words from God and have rejoiced with them. But as I have continued to plug away through the years, I always desired to hear from God for myself. Now, I do feel the Lord speaks to me like He does to all His children. With gentle nudges, thoughts, Scriptures, etc. So instead of feeling like He has forgotten me, I continue to seek Him in His Word. :D (I am a strong believer in seeking God's Voice for myself and not just waiting for a minister that works in the prophetic. We must be able to hear from God for ourselves, as well!) ...., there is just something special about the Lord giving someone a Word for you.

This week, Jesus stepped in!

As my husband and I are working towards a mission trip to Bangladesh, I have been struggling...feeling brain fog, mental I mentioned above. And the thought of speaking/preaching to large groups and churches in Bangladesh (not only children) is making me feel very intimidated! I could put together a message with props and all the important parts because I have experience in this. But I don't want to just throw something together MYSELF! I want to prepare a Word to share with those people that is exactly what the Lord wants them to hear!

On Thursday, I sat down with my Bible and asked the Lord to give me something to share with the Bangladeshi people. I opened my Bible and began to read. No sooner than I got through about 8 verses, my phone dinged with a notification.

Upon checking my phone, I was surprised to see a message from a respected authority/leader in our local UPCI district. And what a message it was!!!!!

Even though this was very personal, and at the EXACT time I needed to hear from God (remember I said I have hardly ever heard a prophetic Word for myself?) I want to share this with you all, since I know lots of you are in the same place that I am right now....

Feeling exhausted, intimidated, not qualified, brain fog...all of the above.

This message is for you too!

"Go forward in the ministry I have called you to. As doors are opened, walk through them, not in your confidence - but walking in Mine; knowing I am calling you to a new work and a new purpose. I know the plans and purpose I have prepared for you to accomplish, you can be sure that I am with you as you go forward to accomplish the work at hand. The need is great, but I have equipped you for it. You know that you do not walk alone."


What feelings of unworthiness...amazement...just...LOVE! That God would send someone to say all that to me just at the perfect time. I mean, this was within 5 min. of asking Him to give me something from His Word! His timing is so perfect. :-)

Now...the OPEN DOOR!

"...Look, I have placed before you an open door that no one can close..." Revelation 3:8

Friends, every one of us has an open door.



Why do we keep looking back into our past? Into the past year? Into the past 2 years? Why do we keep looking at what happened, who we lost, who hurt us, the pain we've been through?

Or even one step further...why do we look back on our >first anointing< when we began our ministry and maybe the anointing we feel we don't have anymore? Not everyone is feeling this way, but I believe that sometimes we try so hard to get back to how we used to feel when we were ministering. And we expect the same results we used to get in our services, etc.

NOTICE: I DON'T mean letting go of the "Old Paths"! That is by no means what I am talking about here. But the Lord has set an open door before us...BEFORE US...not behind us...which we must walk through. And on the other side are NEW depths of anointing, new ministries, new opportunities, new results....

GO FORWARD in 2022!

CLOSE that door that is behind you, and walk boldly through the new door...with Jesus' confidence! Hold onto His hand, and let Him lead the way.

Whatever new OPEN DOOR He has set before don't have to have it all figured out right now. Usually, it seems, we only see the first step then He takes over.

Whatever it's your call...JUST DO IT!


Close the door behind you, and get going! :D

And don't expect the same results from the past. Expect NEW and different results! As the world changes, as people deal with different things, our ministries will be used in different ways as well.

I always like to tell my local long as you do your very best and follow God's leading, don't feel responsible for the outcome. The results are all up to Jesus! He brings the increase. You just plow, sow, and water! :D

Soooooo what are you waiting for?! Walk through that open door! It's set right in front of you, and waiting for your response. Jesus is on the other side ready to hold your hand and lead you ever step of the way.


Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. Make sure to subscribe to my site for notifications of new posts, etc. Also, look me up on Facebook and join my Joel's Vision Ministries training and discussion group. It's always great fun to hear and learn from each other.

If you are looking for an undated digital planner, I created one with KidMin in mind, last year. It has sections for events planning, VBS, Christmas programming, and more...all with hyperlinks for easy access. You can check it out HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together in 2022.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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