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The first ever, KidMin Digital Planner!


This UNDATED planner has been specifically created with Children's Ministers in mind. 

With goal planning, weekly layouts, and lesson ideas sections, this planner is packed full of things you will come across in KidMin.

* Staff Lists

* To Read...

* Christmas Planning

* Special Event Planning

* VBS Planning

* Expenses Tracker

* Special Events Budget

*...and more! 


This digital planner is UNDATED, so can be used starting any time of year.  

Delivered as a PDF, with hyperlinks, the planner can be used in any app or software that allows you to anotate a PDF:  Goodnotes, Xodo, etc. on Apple products, as well as Windows and Android. 

Pages can be duplicated as needed (weekly layouts, notes, etc.)


Set your goals, action steps to accomplish your goals, keep track of staff, and much more....if you are a Children's Minister, you need the KidMin Planner!

KidMin Digital Planner

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