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             I’ve wanted to write a VBS Curriculum for many years, with the smaller church in mind.  I remember the days of struggling to find enough help to make it happen!  Most VBS Kits require a Large Group Leader, a Games Leader, a Snacks Leader, a Music Leader…and the list goes on.  Talk about overwhelming!  


Hence …”Victorious! – The VBS for Small Churches” was born!


This is the story of an Italian boy that was into everything and headed to juvenile delinquency – turned Olympian star – turned WW2 war hero – turned POW – turned Christian, who could forgive his enemies and preach Jesus to them! 
This is the TRUE story of Louis Zamperini.


Choose Your Own VBS is made up of all the parts of a traditional 5 day VBS, but allows you to be in control of what you want to use or what you want to leave out.  

* Games

* Snacks

* Crafts

* Object Lessons

* Science Experiments 

* Stories

* Prayer Time

*'s all here! 


You choose your own schedule and then add whichever elements you want to use. 


It's time to get your VBS started today! :-) 


"Victorious! - The VBS for Small Churches"

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