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VIDEO: Transform Your Children's Ministry

Have you ever felt that your creative "juices" have run out? LOL Yep! I have too!

It seems that I am forever looking for new ideas, searching the internet, and checking out what others are doing.

But that's just it....don't sit there feeling all "dried up" and "washed out"... :-P get busy and find some new ideas!

No matter how AMAZING your Children's Ministry is, there will always be someone that is doing something more fun, more exciting, or simply just DIFFERENT than what you are doing.

>> Learn from others! <<

And don't be afraid to try something completely new to you! Whether it's a new setup, new decor, new schedule...we all need a change sometimes, to get us out of the rut of our "norm".

Why don't you find a site or a ministry to follow that has great ideas. Don't COPY them by any means, but choose something they have done and try it out. You'd be surprised how just taking time to look around some other ministries, your ideas will just start to flow!

So, here's your assignment....Choose one new thing to use this month in your Children's Ministry: a game, puppets, dramatized Bible lesson, decor, different schedule, etc.

Implement it into your ministry, and just see what other ideas you'll come up with from there!

I have purposely kept this blog short, because I wanted to share something with you. Below, you will find a webinar video that I had done a number of years ago. We have changed things up again in our specific ministry since I presented this webinar, but the idea is the same...grow, learn, try new things, be passionate, and see what Jesus will do!

Until next time! :D

Sara Vojtasek and Joel's Vision Ministries

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