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To Be...or NOT To Be...Creative! (and a GAME Idea!)


Do we HAVE to be a creative person to be in this ministry?

As Children's Ministers, I'm sure we all think that Creativity is mandatory. And YES, I do think that creativity does help a lot! But there is another side to this discussion that I'd like to discuss today. Stay tuned till the end for a game/activity idea you can use this week!

>>> Once again, this comes from book "I Blew It" by Brian Dollar. <<<

Chapter 2 in Brian's book discusses creative people and how that can sometimes hinder you in your ministry.

I don't know about you, but I am a naturally creative person. My mind is always spinning with new ideas, new props, new...everything! :-P In fact, last night I couldn't even go to sleep because I had a new craft idea to tackle today, that I will use the sales to help fund our mission trip to Bangladesh in January 2022. (I can't wait for January! Please help us pray the Lord supplies the funds we need to go help them with Children's Ministry training and in the Bible School.) But I have a hard time shutting my mind down sometimes, when I have a new idea. Do you have this issue!?!

Creativity is a great thing! Creative people can come up with ideas at the "drop of a hat", and life is NEVER boring! However, after reading this chapter in Brian's book, my eyes have been opened to the down side of being creative.


This fact above is damaging to our ministry!

Again, I strongly encourage you to buy Brian Dollar's book "I Blew It!", but I want to highlight a few of his points about this subject...

He discusses, in depth, some reasons why we would settle for our own good ideas instead of seeking God for HIS ideas. In short form, here are a couple:

  1. Pride in our own abilities

  2. Impatience to wait on God

He goes into depth on these and more, but I don't want to quote what he teaches. You need to just get the book! LOL

But one sentence I WILL quote: "When we draw only on our own creative resources, it's like drinking from a thimble instead of the Great Lakes."

WOW!!!! That's quite the way to say it! And absolutely true!

Why do we settle for only what our own personal mind can come up with, when we have God's limitless ability to give us any idea we could NEVER think of on our own?!

Like I mentioned above, this chapter has really opened my eyes to making sure I don't depend on my own abilities and creativity, but I HAVE to hit my knees and ask God what He wants...what He wants for every event, every service, every class, every...everything!

That's all I'm going to share on his book today. I'll make it easy for can buy it right here! And NO...I don't get anything for promoting it. LOL :-P

Let me know once you purchase it...I'm anxious to hear your thoughts, as you go through what he's so expertly written.


This game/activity was suggested in the curriculum we are currently using in our Children's Church services. I changed it up a little bit for our specific circumstances, but you can adapt to what you need as well.




Long roll of paper

...and some Kids!

We called it "Creation Call Out 5", but you can change this to any topic you are teaching. I'll give some ideas, after I explain the game.


* Split the children into teams. We had 3 teams of around 5-7 children on each.

* Have enough tables for however many teams of children you will be using.

* Using the roll of paper, run a strip down the entire center of the table, like a table runner.

* Scatter crayons across the table

TO PLAY: 1. Children gather around the tables, one team per table.

2. The teacher calls out topics and times them for 30 seconds (or shorter).

3. The children see who can write down 5 things for the topic on the paper.

4. When the timer goes off, whichever team accomplished it, or whichever team finished first gets a point, or can do this however you want to.

TOPIC IDEAS: * Bible items that are green * Women of the Bible * Men of the Bible that start with the letter....? * Animals that crawl * Items God created on Day 5 of Creation * Biblical musical instruments

You get the point...choose your topics to go along with your story for the day.

Again, I didn't come up with this game on my own, but we tweaked it a little bit for our service.

On that note, the curriculum we are currently using is God's Word for Life "Move!" from Pentecostal Publishing House. There are LOTS of activities and elements within each lesson to choose from; so much so, that there is no way to complete them all....unless you have about 2.5 hours for your service! LOL

Well, Friends, that's all for this weekend. I hope that you go and get yourself a copy of Brian Dollar's book...try out the game idea...and have an otherwise AMAZING WEEKEND!

Also, stay tuned for the "craft" I'm going to be making to share with you all. Our trip to Bangladesh is scheduled for January 3rd - 31st. I will be training in Children's Ministry, Puppetry, and teaching them to build puppets. Also, speaking to the ladies and young ladies. My husband will be doing some building in the Bible School, as well as teaching in the school. Our youngest son, who just turned 17 this week, will be helping his dad with building, helping me with puppetry demos, and also speaking to their youth.

The door has been opened, now we are trusting Jesus to supply the funds. :D He never fails, if it's His will!

God Bless & have a great weekend!

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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I noticed the kids in the picture are pretty young, it would seem that 30 seconds isn’t enough time since that age group would have a harder time with spelling the words?

Sara Vojtasek
Sara Vojtasek
Oct 11, 2021
Replying to

I actually have a young helper with each group. I have teens that rotate through each week to do things like that.

And you'd be surprised! You can choose one child that can write/spell, and they were completing these in 20 seconds or less! :D

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