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To Be a Servant Leader...

Hey there Friends! So sorry that I missed posting last week....we were out of town, and I simply ran out of time. :-(

I hope you are all doing well, and that you're enjoying the end of summer.

Today, I want to talk about something that's so important, but sometimes overlooked...being a Servant Leader! A lot of what I am going to say here came from a training that I attended for our Christian School. But as I listened to their training, I was so amazed with how it also applies to all of us in ministry...and KidMin to be exact.

Most of us are volunteer Children's Ministers and Sunday School teachers, right? And lots of us, I would assume have other staff that are "under" us, as in under our direction. Those are the ones that I want to talk to today...but if you don't have any staff under you, please still apply this wherever it fits into your life and ministry.

First of all, as Children's Ministers...and just simply IN ministry, we MUST be the best at what we offer! Don't just "get by" with what you can to just say it's done. Always strive for the best...not to BE the best, but to OFFER the best! It's not about YOU / US! It's about who we are serving!

We must provide unmatched Customer our "customers". :-P Our customers are the parents of the children we serve, and all those little ones we are ministering to.

I think it's very important that we view the families we serve as our customers because it totally changes the way we see them and serve them! So, make sure to keep that in mind.

>>> Strive for Excellence! <<<

Secondly, and this is what I've had on my mind to share with you...we must view our position as a MINISTRY vs. a JOB. Now, just hear me out...I know your first thought was "I already do!! I realize this is my ministry and not my job!" And I KNOW you mean that! But when I sat through this training, I was so overwhelmed with how we can get stuck in the weekly responsibilities and lose focus of what it's truly all about.

I want to outline for you what this specific trainer outlined for us in this session. And as you read through these two columns, please ask the Lord to show you if there are any areas that you need to change in your personal area of ministry. :-)

Here we go.....


...YOUR choice of job ...God's Will for you

...Expect to RECEIVE ...Expect to GIVE

...give something to get something ...return what's already been given

...demands your ABILITIES ...depends upon AVAILABILITY to God

...brings you PRAISE ...brings great glory to God

Take some time to dwell on each of those things above and see where you fit into that scenario. I believe that ALL of us could say that at least one of the things on the Left is how we've felt at one time or another. Even if it's simply the fact that we wish someone would notice our hard work and "praise" us for our efforts!

I've heard it said that Children's Ministry is one of the most "thankless" jobs in ministry....many times we find ourselves in the back room, in the basement, in the furthest corner...and just forgotten.

>>> But LISTEN! You are NOT forgotten! You are training the next generation of amazing leaders for YOUR church, the mission field, the evangelist field...anywhere the Lord will call them! So don't ever feel that just because you don't get all the accolades from your local church, you have been forgotten.

You know, one of my most FAVORITE things that has given me the most joy, is to see children in my ministry grow into young adults that join my staff. What an amazing miracle!

>>> So remember: you just might be training little Cody to be your next staff! :D

Strive for Excellence because he WILL remember it! <<<

I realize this was a little bit short. But I pray it has helped you evaluate your ministry...are you truly a "Servant Leader"?

Thank you all for stopping by....

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Talk to you again soon!

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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