Through HIS Rose-Colored Glasses

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Hello Friends!

I'm sorry I'm a little bit late with this post. My weekend just got away from me. LOL

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We just finished a wonderful week of VBS...Pilgrim's Progress. We were so blessed to have someone with a heart for children that completely wrote the entire week. She included Dramas for each night, Object Lessons, Games, and Snacks. The story of Christian is such a moving story, and the children really connected with it. Already looking forward to next year's theme! :D

I've been mulling over some things lately, and this title came to me kind of suddenly: "Through HIS Rose-Colored Glasses". It seems this term can be used in many different ways...even negatively! But I just want to share some of my thoughts...hopefully, I can relay them to you in an organized fashion. :-P

Webster's Dictionary Definition of "rose-colored glasses" is as follows:

"favorably disposed opinions: optimistic eyes". explains "rose-colored glasses" as:

"...describes an optimistic, cheerful way of looking at life. One is said to see life through rose-colored glasses, look at life through rose-colored glasses, to wearing rose-colored glasses, etc....Someone who looks at things through rose-colored glasses looks on the bright side, sees the glass half full, and looks for a silver lining in all things...Researchers have discovered that those who think positively and have the ability to believe in the possibility of a good outcome from a bad situation, rather than dwell on negativity and pessimism, tend to succeed. A cynic may reject this idea, believing that to look at life through rose-colored glasses creates unrealistic expectation."

Now that I've gotten that explanation out of the way, let's chat about leadership and ministry.

As leaders, we are going to face soooo many things throughout the years. We are going to have good times and bad times, great events and flopped events, awesome staff and mediocre staff, etc. You are going to see every side of the spectrum, no matter which ministry you work with!

Even when you aren't a leader of a department yourself, you will still work with those that are at all different levels of Christianity, different levels of knowledge, different levels of experience, and so on.

Here we have a choice...We can critique everything we see someone else do...


We can get behind them and view things from the opposite perspective; through "rose-colored glasses"...encouraging and promoting them to grow in their ministry.