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Splash-tastic Water Games...and More!

Hey there! :D

Happy Saturday!

Today, I was thinking about water games. Such a fun thing for the summer. Now, of course you probably don't want to do them in your classroom or Junior Sanctuary. LOL But lots of us have church picnics in the summer with games and activities. So here, I wanted to share links of some of my favorites.

Also, at the end, I have added 2 videos that I did in my Facebook group....sharing My Story: "Between a Rock, a Hard Place, and a Revelation."

If you aren't in my Facebook group, CLICK HERE to join.

Otherwise, you can watch the videos here. Maybe the Lord will use it to encourage you, while you are writing YOUR story. :D Enjoy!

  1. Fun Water Games with a Lesson - CLICK HERE

  2. This one can be done with a larger group of kids with a larger flat tote, if desired: CLICK HERE

  3. Some fun games HERE including a water cup relay.

  4. Pool Noodles Games CLICK HERE.

  5. A few repeats and some new. HERE

  6. I suggest a Whiffle Ball Bat for this one!

That should keep your kids busy at the church picnic this summer. :-P LOL

Now, I want to share with you:

"Between a Rock, a Hard Place, and a Revelation...this is MY Story!"

Let me know how you enjoy it!



Have a blessed weekend and great Children's Services and/or Classes tomorrow! :D

God Bless,

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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