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Six Days From the Manger

Only SIX days left!

Six Days to...Focus.

Six Days to...Reflect.

Six Days to...Hear.

Six Days to...Plan.

Six Days to........Move Forward!

From the Manger to the New Year...what will you do with these SIX days?

Sitting here reflecting on the season, the true meaning of Christmas, and the coming New Year; I suddenly had this picture in mind:

I imagined myself kneeling at the Manger. A Children's Minister... worshipping...thinking...just simply reflecting on our Savior, and the miracle of His birth.

But then I imagined myself sitting in a chair, as the Child Savior begins to speak into my heart the things He envisions for my...HIS...Children's Ministry. After all, it isn't MY's HIS! What does He want from me in 2021? How does He want me to proceed? Things haven't exactly been easy this last year...will next year be harder? How can I reach HIS children in my area and beyond? As I sit and listen with my heart, I feel He gives me direction. No, it's not an audible voice...and yes, things could change as we go. But here and now, I hear the first step. Yes, I said "the FIRST STEP". You see, He hasn't given me the year all planned out. He hasn't given me everything I need to accomplish or do in 2021. He has only given me the FIRST STEP.

So what do I do?


My next picture, is myself STANDING AT THE MANGER. For now, my worship is time of reflection has restored me...I have listened with my heart...


NOW, the King of kings has spoken. And He has told me to only take the FIRST STEP.

Do I know what comes after? No! Do I know the road will be easy? Absolutely NOT!

But one thing I DO know...the Almighty God will lead me every single step of the way!





Don't plan next year's ministry themes, events, etc. from things you have seen, been taught, or created yourself. Let Jesus, the Lord of lords lead you every little step of the way.

So, I ask again...

From the Manger to the New Year...what will YOU do with these SIX days?

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