Ministering from the Overflow

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Hello from a very frigid Wisconsin! :D We are currently under a Wind Chill Warning for the possibility of it getting down to -45! Not the best weather we make do. :-P

This week's blog post is going to be quite different than the others. Up until now, I've been doing mostly training type blog posts. This week I have something to share from my heart.

Have you ever heard of "Ministering from your overflow"? You probably have, since I'm sure it's been around for a long time. This is a favorite reminder of mine, when it comes to ministry. I have taught on it, and always try to apply it to myself. This is for everyone, no matter in which ministry you work. So let's jump in....

Ministry is all about of ourselves to whomever has a need. We give time, we give knowledge, we give energy, we counsel, we encourage, we teach, we train....

Sometimes it can seem never ending! Have you ever felt like saying, "Isn't it my turn to need something"? We probably all have come to that at some point during our ministry.

And what about "Ministry Burnout"? This term, or even just the words "I'm burnt out", have been thrown around for so long. To be honest, I struggle, when I hear someone say that because of two things...

#1) It sometimes appears to be used as an excuse.

#2) If you're burnt out with ministering, then you aren't doing it right.

OK, so I'm sure that sounds a little bit harsh! Let me just say that I realize there are times that "Burn out" is actually true and unavoidable. Things happen in your life; personally, physically, emotionally...yes, sometimes it DOES happen for real!

This post is more for those that could avoid it, but don't; and those that use burn out as a crutch...let's discuss how this happens.

Let's face it, life is difficult. And as I mentioned above, as ministers, we are always giving of ourselves to others. How do we manage to NOT get burnt out?

>>> We MUST minister from our OVERFLOW! <<<

Picture it....a vessel filled with water. You pour out a little to one cup, a little to another cup, and a little more to the next one, etc. etc. But, OH NO! Suddenly, you find your pot is empty! Now what can you do to help quench the thirst of all those left?

Sadly, this is the story of MANY ministers these days. You have poured yourself out so many times, that you have become dry and empty yourself.

So what should we do to eliminate this problem?