Just Add Water


Let me first preface this post by saying that there is a wonderful KidMin by the name of Tina Houser. This title and lots of what I am going to say has come from her. I felt it was so very pertinent for us today...and for the New Year. Do yourself a favor and look her up...she is amazing! :D

Just Add what? For what? How does this apply to Children's Ministry? Allow me to explain...

Have you ever heard of Gel Beadz or Water Seeds? They come in many different names. They are a tiny little seed like thing that is very hard to the touch.

People use them for decoration, in flower jars, for sensory areas in their kid's zone, etc. They are really a lot of fun!

Now, if I want this tiny little Bead to change its form, I could talk to it, I could explain what I want, I could stare at it....for as long as I want to, but NOTHING is going to happen. Nothing will change this little, hard Bead, unless I "Just Add Water".

Our children are a little bit like these Beads. Sometimes we get the wrong idea. We think that in order to get our children to decide to follow Jesus and the Plan of Salvation, we can just KEEP TALKING, or we can try to MAKE them change. But that's just NOT the case!

We also get the wrong idea that by thinking, planning preparing, and constantly working on our class elements, we will get them to make a decision to follow Jesus...but that's not the truth either.

>>> ONLY JESUS can make the change in our children! <<<

Envision this: Each of our children are like one of these tiny, little Beads, but God has planned for them to be a beautiful, finished product. We can't see the end result, can we? Only God can! He has a plan for each and every one of those tiny little "humans".

However...we DO have a responsibility! We must "Just Add Water"!

OK, so what does THAT mean, right?! LOL

The "water" I'm talking about is the Environment with which we surround our children. The Environment that takes them from a tiny, little Bead to a beautiful, finished product. An Environment where they can flourish, grow, and feel God's presence!

Yes, we talk about the room, the decor, the activities, the lesson planning...but it is so much more than that! I am talking about creating a place where children can meet Jesus, sit at His feet, ask questions about Him, and get to know Him for themselves!

Create an Environment where God is allowed to enter the room and has the opportunity to change their lives.

I believe the MOST important part of this "Water" or Environment is the PEOPLE that surround the children.

How do the people in the classroom make the children FEEL ABOUT GOD? How do they help the children EXPERIENCE GOD?