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GROW...Through Written Words!

Welcome to October! I'm sure I've said it before...I love this time of year! But hey...does it hurt to say it again? :D Happy Fall, Everyone!

Busy...busy...busy...that's what we all are, right? But we should never be too busy to be learning and growing!

There are many ways to help ourselves grow spiritually, mentally, in ministry, etc. Here are just a few:




Leadership Trainings


Groups on Social Media or in person

....and Books!!!!

It's so important to be growing. If we aren't growing, what are we doing? The only other option is DYING! Like with plants, there is no way to just "survive" at the same level you've always been. It's one way or the other. Which do you want to be? :D

I'm sure I know your answer! LOL It's not rocket science. If we are ministering, we must be growing ourselves. Like I've been fond of saying in the past...we MUST minister from our overflow of God's Spirit and anointing. If we are constantly depleting ourselves, we have got to find a way to be reinvesting in ourselves and renewing our spirits, as well.

As I said in the beginning, we are all so very busy. I get it! I really do! To be honest, it's taken me all day just to get these words typed out. My brain is so tired today. Tired from ministry work....that's all I have time for these days. LOL And that's a good thing...except if we deplete ourselves...and become "Martha"s in the process! That's been heavy on my mind...the Martha mentality.

"Oh, I'm busy, busy! All for Jesus! I think I'm the busiest person in the church. In fact, I never say no!" etc. etc. etc.

Great. Ok, so you're a busy minister. But did you actually take time to sit at Jesus' feet today? Ouch!

>>> BOTH Marthas AND Marys are needed! AND we each have got to be both of them within ourselves! <<<

So...I said we were going to discuss books today. LOL Sorry for the "rant" if you want to call it that. I am just sharing what has been heavy on my mind, and what I am working on personally. :D

One aspect of growing in ourselves, is to get into the Written Word. And YES! we MUST be reading God's Word daily! However, I am hoping that as ministers, we all know this already, right?

Today, I am talking about books. Books by other leaders, ministers, Christians, Children's Minister's, historians, etc. We can learn so much from others that have gone on before, or even just been in our situations before.

II Timothy 2:15 says "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."

Yes, this is for sure talking about studying Scripture! However, I don't believe that is the ONLY thing Paul meant. As leaders and Christians have gone before us, they can share their knowledge to help us further our ministries. But it's up to us to take advantage of what others have written and given us. Speaking of which, Paul's admonition was first written as a letter to Timothy, before it was included in the Holy Scriptures. So, there is definitely a place for written words, other than the Bible.

>>> Let me be clear....there is NO place for other books to take the place of God's Holy Word. If you only have time for one, it should ALWAYS be the Bible! But try to make time to also read other things. <<<

I want to suggest a great book to you, and also share a few things from it. I have just started this book, so I may address it's teaching over the next couple blogs...we'll see how that goes. :D

>>> "I Blew It" by Brian Dollar The biggest mistakes I've made in kids' ministry...and how you can avoid them.

First of all, Brian Dollar is an amazing teacher in Kid's Ministry. If you can find any of his trainings online, I highly recommend him!

In this book, Mr. Dollar addresses 12 mistakes that leaders can make and how to avoid them. What a great asset for us to learn from someone else, instead of making the same mistakes! :-)

As I mentioned above, I have just begun reading this book. In the first chapter, I have already learned so much. He addresses God's plan for our lives/ministry. So often we think we know what His plan is for us, and we simply push on ahead. Instead of taking time to stop and listen to God. (A Martha instead of Mary moment?)

Mr. Dollar says, "We pray to God for vision for our lives, our families, and our ministries. He gives us a picture of the future, and we start charging after that vision wholeheartedly without stopping to ask Him for specific directions."


I mean, we feel we are in His will because we are moving forward, right? But "God seldom gives us more information than the next step." We must STOP and wait for Him!

I don't want to reveal all of Brian Dollar's message, so I challenge you...go buy this book! :D And get into written words of those who have forged paths for us. Learn from them, grow, and avoid making the same mistakes others have made.

That's all I'm going to share from his book this time. Go buy the book, then let me know you got it...either by email at in the Facebook Group, or by simply commenting on this post. I look forward to hearing your greatest take-aways! :D

In the mean time...Get into THE Word!

God Bless,

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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