Goal > Plan > Action!

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There are only 5 days left in 2020...whew! Can we all breathe a sigh of relief?! LOL

But with the end of the year, comes new goals.

Do you have a plan for your Children's Ministry for 2021?

Plan A..

Plan B...

and maybe even (Lord forbid!)...

a Plan C?!?!

Let's talk planning...

First a little disclaimer...I am NOT an expert on planning! And I definitely have failed at holding to and completing things I plan. Hopefully, I'm not the only one! :D

But I have learned a lot through the years about leading our children's ministry department, our staff, and accomplishing goals we have set out to complete.


You need to determine what your goal is for next year overall. Do you need to write a mission statement? Do you want to choose yearly, quarterly, or monthly themes? Are you the sole person in charge, or do you need to meet with some other staff to brainstorm?

Determine this part first, otherwise, the rest of your planning will be confusing.

Once you have this figured out....proceed to #2.


A good personal planner is NOT required to be organized, but it is a great help! In these following sections, I am going to share pictures of what I am using to help me stay on track.

Of course, my specific goals will be different than yours...I am focusing on my KidMin Trainings, etc. But you will get the idea, and hopefully be able to apply it to your specific situation.

To the right, you

will see the Planner I am currently using. I love this one! :D I found it on Amazon for only $15! However, it is currently unavailable. Check back for their new planners soon...I hope! As you can see, it is called the Wordsworth Planner.

I chose the Undated design, even though it does say 2020 inside. That is only for the full year spread, so it doesn't affect any other areas used. The first picture is the box it comes in. It is packaged very nicely, and comes with a little booklet of instruction on how to use the planner.