Flex or Die!

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Flexibility....if you're like me, this word has become more and more a part of our vocabulary since March of 2020. It's not necessarily something we want to hear. In fact, sometimes it can be pretty frustrating, when someone says, "Just be flexible!". LOL

Flexibility....sometimes positive, sometimes negative....but definitely a part of who we have become in 2021.

This quote should become our 2021 motto. We have no idea what to look toward this year...Will we have lockdowns? Will we be able to have VBS? Can we have large group gatherings? Or will some churches still not be able to gather together at all?

We really have no idea what 2021 will bring. So now...we MUST BE FLEXIBLE! :D

Let's discuss some things that we can do to help our ministry and the ministries of others.

First of all, it's really been on my mind lately that I need to stay ahead of the game! Lockdowns in March of 2020 took us all by surprise. What can I do to stay ahead of that? I need to be prepared.

>>> Let's talk about a few ideas on what that would look like. <<<

If you are in charge of a group of staff, or if not, just for yourself.... why not ask for ideas on what you could do to minister to your children, during this time? Meet with parents, face-to-face, by phone, or zoom to find out the needs of their children in all scenarios. Ask what they need from you in children's services AND also if we had to go back to Zoom meetings. What do their children like or not like about online meetings? What do they look forward to in in-person services that you could try to recreate online, if needed.

For instance, if a child comes to children's church looking forward to puppets, can you hold a puppet during your Zoom talk, and interact with the puppet? You don't have to be a ventriloquist!

Ask your staff to write down ideas of object lessons, science experiments, craft ideas, and more that could be presented online.

>>> Again, we are talking about FLEXIBILITY. Being Flexible, prepared, and able to move forward under extreme circumstances. <<<

I have heard that many churches did not accommodate their children, during lockdown times. This is really hard. Some may not have much for technology to make it work...but a free Zoom account can even be used on your cell phone. Please don't forget about the souls of our children, if it comes to this again! They are just as important as the adults, and sometimes even more so, since they don't know enough yet to read and pray on their own. Each and every age group is important to God, and need direction to keep their life on the right path for eternity.

So that was #1....make a list of activities and lessons, etc. that could be presented online. That way, IF it happens again, you won't have to scramble to be ready to go!