Child Protection....It's Our Job!

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I'm back! :D At least for this weekend. LOL I'm still here, and not going anywhere, so no worries. Just swamped with our Christian School and other responsibilities. The school year is coming to a close...whew! I can't believe how time flies!

>>> Make sure to read all the way to the end for a special announcement! :D <<<

Lately, I've had this subject on my mind a lot....child abuse, child trafficking, child neglect, etc. So many Christians go around with their "head in the sand" and think that we don't deal with that in our churches. I hate to tell you this... no matter what size church you attend, you are bound to have at least one child that has dealt with some form of this. :-( The day we live in...this world is so completely full of difficult situations. Even if your children have what appears to be an exemplary home life, they could be dealing with this at school, on the bus, from other family members, etc.

And sad to say, even the parents may be oblivious.

Here's where we come in....

It is our job to be aware and to be educated on these subjects!

Now, let