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7 Sites You Need to Use in Your KidMin

Hey there, Friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful beginning of your New Year.

Always this time, I am amazed with how things change every year...and time goes so quickly. It's also a time that I reflect on how the last year went and what I want to see in this coming year.

...It's definitely a time to REFOCUS!

I am so excited with plans that are in the works for our local ministry (more to come on that!)...and also for the country of Bangladesh!

Yes, you read that right! As of TODAY, we will be leaving for a month in Bangladesh sometime the week of February 7th. We are so excited!

We will be training children's ministry teams, training in puppetry, how to build puppets, holding children's crusades, teaching ladies, youth ministry, regular services....whew! It's going to be a very busy...but rewarding time! :D We certainly have a lot to prepare before then, so my time is going to be very limited. LOL But the Lord will help us be ready!

Having said all of that, we do need to raise our budget still. So please be in prayer with us that the Lord will provide...which I know He will! He doesn't open doors only to close them because of finances. :-)

This week, I've been considering what I can share with you that will be helpful to your ministry, no matter how big or small it may be.

I decided that a list of useful websites may be exactly what you are looking for. There are a number of sites that I like to use that are not as common as the YouTube, etc. that we use all the time. we go!

  1. This site has great media, curriculum, trainings, conference info, and more. Ryan Frank is also the creator of KidMin Academy! Lots of great info. Check it out!

  2. This is a site I just recently came across. I was so excited! One great thing I found was their daily prayer calendar for families...and an amazing price! Can't wait to share these with my staff at our 2022 Kickoff on the 17th. :D

  3. This site has amazing deals on curriculum! And so much content! If you know about this site, you'll never be out of ideas of what to use. LOL

  4. All kinds of games! And even a "Minute-To-Win-It" section! :D

  5. This site has lots of ideas, including an Object Lesson section.

  6. Don't forget about my Facebook group! :D We now have scheduled free training, times to share worship ideas, fun freebies, and more

  7. Jim is an amazing Children's Worker and so much more. He has great recourses, training, books, etc.

I also wanted to let you know that my "B-E.P.I.C. Storytelling" mini course has officially launched! Over 1 hour of video training, along with a workbook...this mini course will give you ideas of how to make your children's ministry storytelling more engaging and exciting! You can check it out HERE. :D

Even though this blog post was shorter, I hope it was helpful to you! Go ahead and take a bit to check out those sites, and bookmark them for future use.

Have a great weekend!

Sara Vojtasek & Joel's Vision Ministries

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