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Children's Ministry Events


Here you will find our upcoming Trainings, Crusades,

and Online Webinars.

If you'd like to schedule an event at your church,

please email:

We are so excited to connect with all of you through these webinars!

Because Children's Ministry is our...MINISTRY...we do not charge for this training. 

However, if you feel the Lord has placed it upon your heart to make a donation,

you can do so through the PayPal button to the right.

Donations will be used to help cover the cost of equipment like computers, etc. as well as, software and websites.  But again, these webinars are completely FREE,

so never feel obligated to donate!  God Bless!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Travis & Sara Vojtasek
VBS Training

LIVE Online Webinar: TBD

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