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Thank you!

Thank you SO much for choosing to download this FREE eBook....and working towards a Children's ministry transformation!   

Check your email for your file, and make sure to let me know what you like best about this little book.  

Since you're here, hop on over to our WAITING LIST for an AMAZING ANNOUNCMENT and BIG REVEAL coming soon! :D 

Travis & Sara Vojtasek

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Travis & Sara Vojtasek

We desire to see the next generation touch Jesus like never before.  With His anointing, we want to help children and adults alike, have a personal relationship with our Savior. Through repentance, baptism in Jesus' Name, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost, individuals will have a

life-changing experience.


* Training Seminars

* Children's Crusades

* Puppet Team Training

* Online Training

* Puppet Building

* Creative Environments Visionary

*** Contact for more Information ***


* Twenty-nine years of Children's Ministry

* Six years of Children's Services at

WI District Family Camp

* Seminars and Crusades

around the state of WI

* Four mission trips with approval from UPCI Global Missions

Enjoy these Video Samples of Puppet Performances, VBS Decor, and more... 


If we teach our children to pray,

mountains will be moved and miracles will happen!

This is a compilation of Children's Church and VBS services at our home church.  The Lord sweeps in, and lives are changed - That's when children are filled with the Holy Ghost!

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