top of page we come! 

We are so excited to have the opportunity to take our 3rd mission trip across the ocean!  If you've been on a mission trip before, you'll understand when I say...There is truly nothing like it! 

The door to Bangladesh has been opened for us to visit for the month of January 2022. 

NOTE: We are currently praying about the timing for this trip...please join with us in prayer for the Lord's direction and His perfect time! 

While there, we will be....

* Training their teams in Children's Ministry

* Holding Children's Crusades

* Training a Puppet Team

* Puppet Building Workshops

* Teaching in the Bible School

* Ministering to Ladies and Young Ladies

* Helping with any Building Needs in the Bible School

* Our son will be ministering to the youth

* ...and anything else needed!

We want to be vessels the Lord can use in any way, while we are there.

As with any big venture like this, there is a cost involved.  On my shop page, you will see handmade journals and file folders that I am currently making.  The proceeds of these will go to our mission trip to Bangladesh.  

I have also created this specific page so that if you just want to donate a little bit...seriously...every dollar matters to Jesus...and every dollar counts towards reaching another child! 

Thanks so much for being a part of our ministry! 

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