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Let me tell you our story....

My name is Sara Vojtasek. I live in Central WI with my wonderful husband, Travis.

We have 4 wonderful children that all work in the ministry in some form, which is a dream fulfilled!  Two are married, and we have 2 teenage sons still at home.

As a teenager, I began helping my mother with children's church,
but it was never my "passion" at that time.

A few years later, my sister was working with the children, and again, I was a helper. We were using the Kid's Power Hour curriculum from Pentecostal Publishing House, but we ran it more like Sunday School than Children's Church.
Although I enjoyed working with those children, I really wanted to be in the background.

I didn't want to be a lead teacher...I would do the puppets, help with whatever my sister needed...but I didn't want to be in charge.

However, a few months later, my sister decided to go to Bible College...and yes, you guessed it...she told me it was my turn to be in charge!
At this time, I was 18 years old. I didn't really see my future as a
children's minister, but the Lord had different plans!

For a few years, I poured myself into children's church, but I was still afraid to do altar calls with the children. I had someone else do all the altar calls, even though I planned, organized, and ran the entire program. I just didn't feel "qualified" to pray with the children or lead them into an anointed prayer.
My staff and I worked endlessly to do everything the Kid's Power Hour suggested -

we went above and beyond to make a great experience...
but I knew that something was still missing.

A few years later, we were asked to do the morning services for children at WI District Family Camp...with only 2 weeks to prepare!

We had never done anything like this before, and I panicked.

But God....
He had a perfect plan for me, that I could never imagine.

This Family Camp is where I met Sis. Vickie Vernon. Many of you probably know her and are familiar with their amazing ministry.
When I was able to sit down and talk with her, I could do nothing but cry.

I knew this was what I was missing all along.

Sis. Vickie Vernon has been a wonderful mentor to me. I appreciate her so much!

I went through a stage in my ministry that I really struggled because I felt that I could never measure up to Sis. Vernon. But the Lord showed me that I don't need to "measure up" to anyone. As long as I am in His perfect will, He will use me the way He wants to use me...and it may never be in the exact same way someone else is used.
Our Lord is so amazing! :-)

I hesitate to say that many years have passed, (it makes me feel too old, LOL), but the Lord has opened many doors that we would have never imagined. And even though I never wanted to be "out front" or "in charge", He has helped me and put the words in my mouth....and only because of Jesus, am I able to say, I AM a Children's Minister.

My husband and I have been working in this ministry for 25 years now...

wow how time flies! We have traveled around the state with seminars,
crusades, and our faithful puppet team.
We now have staff that received the Holy Ghost in some of our very first children's church services. They work with us in our home church and also teach
and work on our travel team. Isn't God amazing?!

One of the most important things in Children's Ministry, is to see children receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on a regular basis...and that is exactly what we strive to see in our local body, and anywhere we go to minister.  We have a full time staff, that work closely with our children, and we have a complete "kid friendly",

Holy Ghost filled service every Sunday morning.

Our family was so blessed to go to Warsaw, Poland in 2011.
While there, we helped with street ministry,
held puppet programs in children's hospitals, helped with music, and more.

A second mission trip in 2012 to Okinawa, Japan was another great experience. There, we trained staff in children's ministry, built puppets, trained the young people in puppetry, and held children's crusades.

We are so humbled that the Lord has seen fit to use us with the future leaders of our churches!  We pray He will continue to use us to be a blessing in this capacity,
as His Day is quickly approaching.

Travis & Sara Vojtasek

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Travis & Sara Vojtasek

We desire to see the next generation touch Jesus like never before.  With His anointing, we want to help children and adults alike, have a personal relationship with our Savior. Through repentance, baptism in Jesus' Name, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost, individuals will have a

life-changing experience.


* Training Seminars

* Children's Crusades

* Puppet Team Training

* Online Training

* Puppet Building

* Creative Environments Visionary

*** Contact for more Information ***


* Twenty-nine years of Children's Ministry

* Six years of Children's Services at

WI District Family Camp

* Seminars and Crusades

around the state of WI

* Four mission trips with approval from UPCI Global Missions

Enjoy these Video Samples of Puppet Performances, VBS Decor, and more... 


If we teach our children to pray,

mountains will be moved and miracles will happen!

This is a compilation of Children's Church and VBS services at our home church.  The Lord sweeps in, and lives are changed - That's when children are filled with the Holy Ghost!

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