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Joel's Vision has moved to KidMin Connect!

KidMin Connect is the  FIRST EVER Children's Ministry training membership site!  We are so excited to be offering training in all aspects of KidMin!  Raise the bar of your ministry to a new level of excellence, as you learn from KidMin Veterans...right from your own home!  
* Igniting Your Passion In Children's Ministry
* Directing a Successful Children's Ministry
* Excitement With Purpose: Object Lessons, Gospel Illusion, Storytelling
* Puppetry
* Bus Ministry
* Special Needs Ministry
* Canva For Ministry
* Trello For Ministry
* ...and so much more! 

Doors will not be open permanently.  Once doors close, jump on the waiting list for the next opportunity for new student enrollment!

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Click the Picture below to check it out!

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