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Puppetry, children's ministry training and children's ministry resources.

"And it shall com to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy..." Joel 2:28

Joel's Vision Ministries is a children's ministry dedicated to helping churches reach and maximize the impact of their ministry to children.


We provide a variety of services and resources that are designed to help churches engage with children in meaningful ways, while fostering a deeper relationship with God.

Our services range from providing training courses and resources to KidMin Staff, Puppetry,

Children's Events, and more.


We strive to bring the message of the gospel to children in an entertaining and impactful way.


With our help, churches can transform their Children's Ministry into a

vibrant and life-changing experience.



Children's Ministry

Jon & Christin Dircks
KidMin Staff

We've taken Sara's trainings for many years.  They are informative, intriguing, and most of all they equip for Children's Ministry of all sorts. 

Children's Ministry Training

Colleen Fouts
Children's Pastor &
Professional Clown

I took the Heart Puppet Class.  Not only did Sara teach it in such a way that it was easy to learn...we had a blast doing it.  Thanks, Sara for giving us tools to not only make that heart puppet, but to apply it to other things as well.

Children's Ministry Resources

Teal McKnight
Sunday School Teacher

I love Sara's insight and resources.  It truly has helped me improve as a Sunday School teach!  She's also always loving, caring, and willing to help. Thank you, Sara for all your time well spent!

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